Saturday, January 19, 2008

My favorite food

Tonight's Menu

  • grilled fresh Italian sausages
  • "kitchen sink" veggie saute
  • green salad "bar"
Oh dudes. I do so love me some sausages. These were fresh (non-cured/non-dried) Italian sausages that were labeled as "sweet" but were actually pretty dang spicy. I didn't mind, but DH and the boy were not altogether happy with them, I don't think. More for me! I just simmered these in water for about 20 minutes to cook them through, then finished them on the grill pan to crisp up the skins a bit with some sexy grill marks. Dead easy.

The saute was one of those clean-out-the-vegetable-crisper deals. I cut up some sweet yellow onion, a red bell pepper, a couple of little zucchinis, and a hunk of green cabbage and just sauteed the whole lot in EVOO, adding a bit of fresh thyme, salt and freshly ground pepper near the end. Again, very easy, apart from all the chopping. I absolutely love sauteed veggies and could eat them at every meal, regardless of the actual veggies involved.

Salad was the usual -- a bowl of mixed lettuces, with small bowls of grape tomatoes, sliced cucumber, and sliced carrots alongside so folks can mix their own.

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Merlot Chic said...

Found your web site in Redbook tonight. I can't wait to start fixing some of your recipes!!