Friday, May 26, 2006

Day Two

Adult Menu
  • meatloaf (I know, but my meatloaf is YUMMY)
  • mac & cheese
  • salad
Girl Child
We told her meatloaf tastes kind of like a hamburger so she agreed to try a teeny tiny bite, but she didn't like it. Oh well. She also ate two helpings of mac & cheese and a big helping of salad.

Boy Child
He wanted nothing to do with the meatloaf and had deli turkey slices instead. He also ate two helpings of mac & cheese and a bunch of salad.


kilowatthour said...

oh, i love this! i am completely fasicnated with what people eat, and i love the kid aspect. fun!

Sarah Louise said...

You have to have to read Eat Cake. There is a whole passage about being idealistic and then giving in.

Plus, I make good meatloaf too. Perhaps I'll post my recipe. Cause some people might think I don't know how to use my oven. (I do!)

Kim said...

I love that you are doing this! We had a thing in my family where we were paired up with each other (there was 4 of us total) and we had to decide what to have and make sure we had all the ingredients, my sister and I couldn't drive so we had to tell my Mom if we needed anything for our dinner. It was a great thing, looking back, during it I wasn't so keen on it.

Your menus sound great to me, I would definitely eat any of it.