Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today's Menu
  • herbed roast turkey
  • honey-cured ham
  • cornbread dressing
  • rolls
  • sweet potato casserole
  • mashed potatoes and gravy
  • caramelized brussels sprouts
  • green beans with bacon and onion
  • cranberry sauce
  • pickles, olives and cheese
  • pecan pie
  • pumpkin pie
  • German chocolate cake
  • birthday cake
I am SO STUFFED, y'all.

Okay, Mom made the turkey, dressing, gravy, pecan pie and German chocolate cake so I don't have recipes for those.

[UPDATE! After the tryptophan fog lifted, I remembered Mom said she got the cornbread dressing recipe from Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee. Et voila! Mom made a few substitutions, though: veggie broth instead of chicken, and celery instead of water chestnuts. It was SO FREAKIN' AWESOME.]

I made the ham, which was just a honey-cured boneless spiral-cut ham from HEB that needed to be heated for an hour. The rolls were Rhodes frozen rolls (they're little frozen balls of dough that have to thaw and rise before baking), the mashed potatoes were Ore-Ida frozen (they are AWESOME), the cranberry sauce was canned (I added some freshly grated orange zest to the whole-berry sauce and it made a ton of difference), the pickles were from a jar, the pumpkin pie was from the recipe on the Libby's canned pumpkin label, and the birthday cake was from a mix.

I used Emmitt Smith's sweet potato casserole recipe. This is the second year I've made it and it's SO GOOD. I can't make any other recipe now. Props to Emmitt!

The caramelized brussels sprouts were new to me this year. I followed this recipe from except that I cut the sprouts in half before steaming, omitted the onion and used toasted almond slivers in place of pistachios. It was DELICIOUS. I will definitely make this again!

I made the green beans the way I always do: chop up some bacon and saute in a Dutch oven until nearly crisp, toss in some chopped onion and saute until the onion releases its fragrance, then add fresh green beans and cover with water. Toss about a tablespoon or so of brown sugar into the water (trust me) and bring the whole thing to a boil, then cover and simmer until the beans are as tender as you like. Drain and serve. Yum!

I seriously will not have to cook for at least two weeks thanks to all the leftovers. Which is good because I don't plan to eat anything for days. Oy.


Kristen said...

Yum. We had a honey baked ham, scalloped potatoes, delicious brussels sprouts, baby romaine with ruby red grapefruit, avocado, purple onion, gorgonzola and a vinaigrette made from this kooky vinegar that my husband bought at the super expensive hippy store that was EIGHTEEN DOLLARS. I sent him for champagne vinegar and that's all they had. Jesus H. So I used about $7 worth of vinegar on the salad. What the...?

Your meal sounds delicious. And it will be nice to not cook for a few days.

kristen said...

Tonight we revisited the honey baked ham, new brussels sprouts, new salad and jalapeno cheese grit casserole. And crescent rolls out of a can.

And really good wine and an eggnog pie. Which no one has had yet because we are all too stuffed.

Just so you know.

Badger said...

Damn that all sounds good! I loves me some canned crescent rolls. I think they are the girl child's favorite food EVER.