Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm so bored

Tonight's Menu

  • grilled NY strip steaks
  • sauteed onions and mushrooms
  • chuffed potatoes
  • green salad with carrots from the garden
Let's get the whys and wherefores out of the way first.

The steaks were rubbed with olive oil that had minced garlic steeped in it (I minced a clove, put it in the mortar and pestle with some EVOO, bashed it up and let it sit for a bit), sprinkled with salt and pepper, then grilled over high heat for 3 minutes per side. They were medium-rare and perfect.

Onions were cut in wedges, sauteed in butter with some sliced baby bellas.

Potatoes were the usual.

I am feeling so bored and uninspired lately, food-wise. I think maybe I'm just biding my time until the kids go back to school (one week from Monday!) and I can start grocery shopping again without schlepping them along with me. Somewhere in the reptilian part of my brain, I have visions of finally finding a decent meat market in my part of town, buying my produce from farmer's markets or at least the health food store, and trying a few new recipes/techniques. But until then, bah humbug!


alosha said...

I don't know if it's school - I certainly get bored myself often enough and I have no young uns. thanks for continuing to post!

Anonymous said...

Please, what is the name if this Hungarian Rest. in Pflugerville you speak of?



Badger said...

It's a little place in the old downtown area that can't decide whether to call itself The European Bistro or Hungarian House. They also have your basic German food (schnitzel, wurst, etc.) and the pastries are to die for! And they carry Hungarian and Romanian wines!

Kim said...

OK, you're gonna have to explain what 'chuffed' means. Real slow like.