Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Something different

Tonight's Menu

  • cinnamon chicken
  • roasted garlic and olive oil couscous
  • steamed broccoli
I'm an avid fan of Anne's Food, and a couple of days ago she posted a recipe (and photo!) for cinnamon chicken that got my mouth watering. I decided to make it today. It was WAY yummy, though my skin didn't get all that crispy and burned a bit. Maybe I added too much honey. Or screwed up the Celsius-to-Fahrenheit conversion somehow.

The couscous was Near East brand, from a box. I KNOW.

Broccoli was steamed in the microwave, as usual.

Those who don't like chicken and/or are allergic to it had leftover chili and cornbread.

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Anonymous said...

hi! i love your blog :) - will you add an RSS feed to it so I can get it in my google reader? that would rock!