Thursday, May 25, 2006


I have no one but myself to blame for the fact that my children would not touch with a ten foot pole approximately 99.5% of the delicious food items many other children happily consume on a daily basis. Yes, internets, it is all my fault. I am one of THOSE MOMS. The ones who cook separate food for the children and adults in the household.

You see, as an idealistic new mom (you can go barf now, I'll wait) I was determined that mealtime would not be a struggle. No food battles in my house, yo! And so if one of my adorable little tots tried something once and hated it, I never served it to them again. Likewise, if they tried and liked something, it became a staple in their diets. This is why I have two children who regard things like homemade soup and fish in non-breaded-stick form as poison that will cause their guts to EXPLODE RIGHT THERE IN THE DINING ROOM.

But that's all about to change. Since my kids are older now (10 and 8 years of age, respectively), I've decided that if they don't like what the adults are having for dinner, they can make their own. It has to include protein and a veggie, but apart from that they're on their own. This plan goes into effect on the first day of summer vacation.

Which was today.


Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you for publicly going where I hope not to have to go myself. I'm new to mommy-dom and just have the one kiddo so far - a 1 yr. old boy, and right now we mostly all eat the same foods. Friday night is pizza for the grown-ups, so he gets whole wheat ravioli, a chicken frank and veggies tonight. But generally, we eat the same meals, together. He's just a year old, so I figure I have a few more months before he turns into a food critic. In the meantime, I'll enjoy learning from your experience.

Badger said...

It will make me VERY happy if anyone who reads this is able to learn from my mistakes.

perceptive reader said...

I think all kids have their specific likes and dislikes. My 22 year old told me she tasted spaghetti O's for the first time last week. I reminded her she ate them frequently when she was five.
Badger, you are brave. Don't feel bad if this doesn't work out. I was a wuss mom who made variations of the adult meal for the kids but they all turned out loving gourmet cooking.

Anonymous said...

Badger, you're my new best friend (internet variety, that is)!! Yes, I found you via the NY Times. Love your writing..will try your recipes sometime. I have 2 fussy daughters and 1 somewhat picky DH. Daughter 1 won't eat any vegetables (except Trader Joe's Roasted Red Pepper/tomato soup). Daughter 2 had never let a piece of fruit pass her lips. DH is English but won't touch tea, Stilton or any cheese, for that matter,dark chocolate, olives or anything that requires de-boning or shelling. So that means no salt & pepper prawns at the Chinese restaurant, no crab, no poultry on the bone, etc. What a drag. I'm an did I get cursed with 3 fuss-pots?? Keep up the good work..I'll keep reading. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna copy off you.

Two teens ... 13 and 15, who won't eat pot roast, shellfish, pork chops, chili, etc.

I've been doing a variant of your sytem (it does work), but without being as structured.

From tomorrow on, it's gonna be: MUST INCLUDE A PROTEIN AND A VEGGIE!

eriphyle said...

I just started my highly stubborn 7-OY daughter on this tonight. If tonight's results continue, it's going to be transformative.