Friday, July 06, 2007

Grilling again, hooray!

Tonight's Menu
  • barbecued shrimp
  • grilled apricots with mint
  • a salad of new potatoes, cherry tomatoes (from the garden!), mozzarella, marinated artichoke hearts and basil
  • sliced tomatoes (from the garden!)
It FINALLY quit raining down here so I was able to grill again. Yay!

Okay, for the shrimp I just cleaned and shelled (down to the tails) a bunch of biggish shrimp and stuck them on bamboo skewers (which I soaked in water, but they burned anyway). Then I combined some bottled barbecue sauce with some apricot fruit spread and a wee tot of bourbon and brushed that mixture on the shrimp while they were grilling (about 6 minutes total over high heat). Yum!

The apricots were dead easy -- I just halved some fresh apricots, removed the pits, and grilled them cut-side down for about five minutes. Then I gave them a rough chop and tossed them with a bit of superfine sugar and some chopped fresh mint. Yum, again!

The salad was my usual favorite summer salad. Way yummy.

We are DROWNING in tomatoes but I am not complaining! Is there anything better than a tomato right off the vine, sliced and salted and wolfed down with abandon? I think not.

In other news, the sidecar is the official cocktail of Make Your Own Damn Dinner, Summer 2007! Sunshine in a glass, people!


BreadBox said...

That sidecar sounds delicious --- have you done taste tests comparing cointreau to cheaper orange liqueurs?
I may have to try these out next week (when the liquor stores are open again, and I can get some cointreau and some elcheapeau-orangeau to compare)


Badger said...

I use Patron Citronge. It's much cheaper than Cointreau, and I think it tastes just as good.