Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Breaking in the new grill!

Tonight's Menu

  • grilled boneless pork chops w/mango salsa
  • whole-grain tortilla chips
  • coleslaw
  • fruit salad
Oh, dudes. I keep meaning to post, I SWEAR I do, but lately by the time I've dealt with all the end-of-school frenzy, the homework, the making/eating/cleaning up of dinner, and the NIGHTLY COCKTAIL, HELLO, I am just too darn pooped.

HOWEVER. We have been eating some swell stuff lately, including lots of CSA goodies, and for Mother's Day DH and the kids gifted me with a new gas grill! So I will try REALLY HARD to start posting more from now on. Swearsies!

Anyhoo, tonight I broke in the new grill with some boneless pork chops. I just sprinkled them on both sides with Jane's Krazy Salt and garlic pepper, then whomped them on the grill for about 4-5 minutes per side. The new grill leaves MUCH sexier grill marks on meat than the old one, and it has about twice the surface area. LOVE! The chops were excellent.

I have previously discussed mango salsa, coleslaw and fruit salad.

Oh, and the girl child TOTALLY eats coleslaw now! I KNOW! It only took TWO YEARS of having to Make (Her) Own Damn Dinner for her to start eating the food I cook. I thought it would never happen. Look for an update on the original purpose of this blog soon, along with tips for using up all that CSA produce!


MsCellania said...

I will worship at your altar if you post CSA recipes. We are going to start getting out goodies in 2 weeks. I cannot wait.
I am hoping the same thing happens in this house. I am starting to offer two choices: What has been prepared or something dreadful. Liked tinned oysters. heh heh heh

MsCellania said...

our goodies not out goodies