Thursday, October 26, 2006

Grilling in late October is just wrong

Tonight's Menu
  • grilled boneless pork chops
  • sauteed cabbage with bacon
  • steamed baby carrots
As much as I love grilled food, I'm kind of hoping this is the last time I'll have the opportunity to do it for a while. It was well into the 80s today and SO humid. Yuck. The cabbage and carrots were my nod to seasonal appropriateness. I'm in the mood for fall food, but the weather is not cooperating, dammit!

Unless I'm doing some kind of Asian marinade or barbecue or something, I nearly always season my grilled chops the same way -- with Jane's Krazy Mixed-Up Salt and McCormick Garlic Pepper Blend. That's it, and that's all. Just sprinkle generously on both sides and grill away. If you've bought decent chops and don't overcook them, they'll be plenty juicy and SO tasty.


Anonymous said...

In a nod to yah-yah-Oktoberfest, I made this the other night:
Cabbage w/ Sausage

It was pretty damn good! Even the under-8's ate it.

And I got to drink beer. Yah. Okbober-whatevuh.


Anonymous said...

You guys have got to stir it up a little. You must be tiring of these chops.