Monday, October 23, 2006

Lasagne for everyone!

Tonight's Menu
  • cheesy lasagne
  • crusty garlic bread
  • big-ass salad
I could swear that years ago, DH told me he didn't like ricotta cheese. So all these years I've been making my lasagne with mozzarella only. Sometimes I'd throw in some spinach and/or mushrooms, but ever since the boy child decided he liked PLAIN lasagne, I haven't even been doing that. So it's been sauce, noodles and mozzarella. No meat, no veg, no nothing. Yeah. Kind of flat and yucky, actually.

HOWEVER, DH has suddenly decided that he would be okay with trying some ricotta after all. So today I mixed ricotta (part skim) with the mozzarella and layered THAT with the noodles and sauce, and my lasagne was much closer to something resembling normal. DH declared that he liked the ricotta version better, so thank God.

Oh, and by the way? Those oven-ready lasagne noodles are the best invention since microwave popcorn.

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Kristen said...

Here's a really wacky thing. You can use regular lasagna noodles with the same effect. You just have to put a little layer of sauce first.

And I love all those cheeses plus cottage cheese. Proletariat? Yes. Delicious? Yes. Also, maybe the added moisture of the cottage cheese helps with the noodles. But don't try that technique with multi-grain noodles. Yikes. You have to boil those and burn your fingers. And end up with a less satisfying product.