Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pork two ways

Tonight's Menu

  • grilled pork tenderloin, two ways
  • coleslaw
  • sweet potato fries
Holy cow, y'all, I can't believe it's been so long since I posted! Sorry about that! I guess I've been really tired in the evenings or something. Too pooped to post.

ANYWAY, it has been really warm here the past few days so I am grilling YET AGAIN. Tonight I did pork tenderloins two different ways, which sounds all fancy until you find out that only the marinades/rubs were different. They cooked the same amount of time at the same temperature.

I used this recipe on one of the tenderloins. I've been making this all winter in my oven broiler (just broil for the same amount of time you'd grill it -- about 20 minutes or so) but grilling adds an extra smokiness that is just SO GOOD.

For the other tenderloin, I crushed about four cloves of garlic with my mortar and pestle, then added the juice of one lemon, about 1/2 teaspoon grated lemon zest, maybe a teaspoon of dried oregano, some sea salt, freshly ground pepper, and a bit of EVOO. Then I just poured it into a big plastic zipper bag with the tenderloin and marinated it for about an hour before grilling alongside the spiced tenderloin.

I made the latter marinade because I was craving something nice and garlicky. My kids have complained in the past that my garlicky dishes make their throats itch, which is why I made them the spiced one above (which they've eaten many times with no problems). So, guess which tenderloin had NO leftovers and which one was barely touched? Yeah. Apparently they can tolerate garlic again. If I'd known that, I'd have made BOTH tenderloins with the garlic/lemon marinade! Oh well. Next time.

Pretty sure we've already discussed sweet potato fries.

And coleslaw.

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Petula Wright said...

I don't eat pork, but coleslaw and sweet potatoe fries are yummy. I bought two bags of frozen sweet potatoe fries about four months ago and they weren't a big hit. The fresh ones are so much better, but I thought I would be a little lazy and get them done quickly. They're some still in the freezer!