Monday, June 12, 2006

Day 19*

Adult Menu**
  • tilapia fillets, sauteed in EVOO and seasoned with salt and pepper
  • baby spinach, also sauteed in EVOO with a little balsamic vinegar in addition to salt and pepper
  • leftover quinoa pilaf from the other night
  • rather a lot of Gassier Coteaux Varois rosé (I don't know from wine but this one is FABULOUS, by the way -- definitely my rosé of choice since I discovered it)(it's easy to spot because it has flip-flops on the label)(yes, the shoes)
Girl Child
Had leftover frozen pizza from last night along with some raw baby carrots.

Boy Child
Had the same thing as the girl child.

* Last night we had frozen pizza. I KNOW. I'd really rather not talk about it.
** The adult in this case would be me, because DH worked late and didn't make it home for dinner.

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