Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Day 20

Adult Menu
  • crockpot pulled pork sandwiches (bbq sauce optional)
  • potato salad (from scratch)
  • coleslaw (ditto)
  • a big pitcher of decaf iced tea
Girl Child
She said the pork looked and smelled really good, tried a bite and liked it, so she had some on a bun with no bbq sauce. But then she decided she didn't like it after all, and didn't eat it. I was a big softie and at her request I saved out some shredded cabbage with no coleslaw dressing, but she decided she didn't like THAT either, after trying it, so she didn't eat it. She ended up eating a teeny tiny piece of leftover steak from last week, a few deli ham slices, and a couple of raw baby carrots.

Boy Child
He was hesitant to try the pork but the girl child told him it tasted like chicken, so he tried a bite and thought it was good and let me put some on his plate (no bun or sauce). But then he didn't eat it. He did eat a bunch of shredded cabbage with no coleslaw dressing, and he made and ate a peanut butter sandwich. He tried the tea and said he liked it but it wasn't his favorite and he probably wouldn't want it very often. Then, when I gave him permission, he switched to water.

Sigh. This is one of my favorite meals, and takes a bit of time to prepare, but its reception was less than enthusiastic all the way around. Even DH made a crack about the tea being decaf (I can't have caffeine for medical reasons) and passed on it because he'd already had two glasses of tea today. And he said this particular potato salad, which I love and get recipe requests for all the time, is not his favorite.

Screw 'em all, man. More pork, potato salad, coleslaw and tea for me. And if I'm the only one eating it, it'll probably last a week, at least. Anyone want to come over?


Laura/PFG said...

i am SO down with that meal. with sauce, please :)

and i'm hoping the tea is sweet?

i wonder how your kids manage to eat so little, and aren't, like, starving to death? (lol...and i totally mean that in the "it's their own fault...there is plenty of food here if they want to eat" way, and not in the "dang woman!! malnourishing your children with the why and the what with".)

Badger said...

The tea has to be sweetened on a glass-by-glass basis, since I'm a sugar gal and DH likes Splenda. (But if he's not going to drink it ANYWAY, I might as well dump in some sugar.)

And my kids snack a lot during the day, with my blessing. That's one of the reasons I've cut out fruit snacks and stocked up on things like fruit, pretzels and nuts this summer. They are both really skinny though. I remember when MY metabolism was that fast. Dang.

Type A Mama said...

You know, sometimes I wonder if I'm just having kids so I'll have someone besides me to eat (and hopefully enjoy?) all the yummy foods I like to make (DH doesn't like avocadoes, shrimp, artichokes, tomatoes, and many other scumptiousnesses). Yes, I have more than one loose screw rattling around in here.

We were never too enthusiastic about most of what my mom made (come on, CANNED SPINACH 4 nights a week for chrissakes!) but she had a few dishes that we all wax nostalgic over from time to time. Of course we didn't let her know at the time that we really liked the oven-baked, breaded steaks with thyme and swiss cheese on top. There's some kid code against admitting to your mom that she's doing something cool.

BabelBabe said...

yes. i want to come over. i'll be there in ten.

Type A, your hub should come eat dinner with MY hub, who doesn't eat anything yummy ever.