Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Day 28*

Adult Menu
I was in the mood for comfort food, so I made a skillet supper of sausages, potatoes, onion and cabbage seasoned with salt, cracked pepper and crushed rosemary.

Girl Child
Passed on everything. She had shredded cheddar, whole-grain bread with Smart Balance margarine, a raw cabbage leaf which she didn't eat, and some raw baby carrots.

Boy Child
Had the cheese, the bread (no margarine) and the carrots plus a drinkable yogurt.

*I was indisposed at dinnertime yesterday; DH and the kids had hot dogs.


Laura/PFG said...

okay miss food lady :P i have a question. i bought these stew beef chunks the other day thinking i would pan saute them in a can of organic diced tomatoes wth basil, garlic, and oregano, and then put that on top of white rice after it's all done. does that sound horrible? it sounds kinda tasty to me...please lemme know, before i ruin a whole pack of stew beef for dinner tonight! :P

Badger said...

If you just saute beef that's meant for stew, it'll be really super tough. You'd probably be better off with a ragout kind of deal. I'd toss the beef in some seasoned flour, brown it off, deglaze the pan with some red wine, then toss in the tomatoes, cover and simmer until the beef is tender.

But that's just me.

You could also saute some celery and onion before you deglaze, making a sort of faux Swiss steak kind of thing.

Sounds yummy!