Friday, July 07, 2006

Day 44

Adult Menu
  • grilled hamburgers OR portabella mushroom caps w/sliced cheese, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, etc. on sesame buns
  • pasta salad w/cherry tomatoes, fresh pearl mozzarella, fresh basil and marinated artichoke hearts
  • Tostitos multigrain tortilla chips w/homemade (by my mom) peach salsa
  • pickles (also homemade by Mom)
Girl Child
Ate a burger w/cheese and some chips.

Boy Child
He ate a burger!!! Dudes!!!! He put onions and ketchup on it, I think. I am AMAZED. He also had some pasta salad (but only the pasta, no veggies or cheese). And maybe some chips. I don't know. I was blinded by the burger, y'all. That's the first burger he's ever actually eaten, I think. He's tried them before but never liked them. Maybe the "natural" ground beef I bought this time made the difference. Who knows?

We had my parents over for dinner tonight and in addition to all of the above I made a sort of bastardized white sangria. A bottle of cheap pinot grigio, a can of peach nectar, some club soda, fresh nectarines, strawberries and raspberries all mixed in my favorite pitcher. It was WAY yummy. I actually think I prefer it to the regular red sangria I make with sliced citrus.

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daysgoby said...

Go boy child!

Being a carnivore is fun!!

We have better teeth.