Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Day 56

Adult Menu
  • leftover grilled boneless pork chops
  • leftover sauteed cabbage
  • mashed potatoes
Girl Child
Ate the rest of her pork chop from last night and some raw baby carrots.

Boy Child
Ate mashed potatoes, shredded cheese and a banana. (WTF?!)

I have a confession to make, y'all. I don't make mashed potatoes from scratch. I buy the Ore-Ida frozen ones that you mix with milk and then cook in the microwave. They're really good! No lie! I HATE instant mashed potatoes, I find them foul beyond belief, but these taste nothing like instant. I add butter, salt and pepper when they're cooked and I SWEAR they taste homemade. I challenge y'all to be able to tell the difference. Really! Go try them!


BabelBabe said...

my stupid husband would have a heart attack, and having to hide the wrappers in the trash isn't worth the trouble.

how do you saute your cabbage? In butter? Covered?

Kristen said...

That is exactly what I was going to ask. How do you saute the cabbage. I have two heads right now as I was going to make galumpkis & then decided that I was smoking crack when I came up with that menu because WE LIVE IN HELL. And the idea of steaming big Polish stuffed cabbage makes me want to hurl.

Badger said...

I just cut it into chunks and saute it in olive oil (uncovered, in a ginormous skillet, stirring often). Season with salt & pepper before serving, natch.

OR I have also done it in bacon grease (right after having crisped up some bacon in the same pan), which is way yummy, but not at all healthy.