Sunday, July 30, 2006

Day 67

Adult Menu
  • grilled Italian sausage sandwiches w/sauteed onions and peppers on whole wheat rolls
  • sliced homegrown tomatoes w/sea salt
Girl Child
Ate some shredded cheese, some leftover biscuits and some leftover salad from the other night.

Boy Child
Had shredded cheese and salad with a banana.

I've had a lot of sausage-grilling disasters in my time, y'all. It's so hard to get the inside cooked without charring the outside to a crisp. HOWEVER, I've finally figured it out. I simmer the sausages first in a pot of water or beer for about 15 minutes. Then I just brown them off on the grill (maybe 4-5 minutes per side depending on how hot the grill is). They get cooked through but stay moist and juicy inside with a nice, crisp skin. Yum!

I saute the peppers and onions in EVOO (and plenty of it, because I like them drippy for sandwiches) and then season with salt and pepper. Make sure you don't turn the heat up too high on the onions/peppers or you'll end up frying them instead. You want them kind of soft but still with some body to them, and preferably no browning. I usually put them on the stove right before I slap the sausages on the grill, stir frequently, and by the time the meat's done, so are the veggies.

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