Monday, July 31, 2006

Day 68

Adult Menu
  • leftover grilled sausage w/sauteed onions and peppers (but not in sandwiches this time)
  • tiny red potatoes, parboiled and then chuffed up in a hot pan with some butter
  • sliced homegrown tomatoes w/sea salt
Girl Child
Had some leftover takeout cheese pizza and raw baby carrots.

Boy Child
Had shredded cheese, raw baby carrots, and two peanut butter sandwiches on whole-grain bread.

Last night, the boy child asked me, "Um, Mom? When are you going to make stuff for dinner that WE like?"

I think I might have gotten a little testy with him. Oh well.


BabelBabe said...

what do they like? (other than ham steaks, which have turned out to be a HUGE hit in our house with the boys)

Badger said...

Well, apparently they are very fond of shredded cheese. And raw baby carrots.

SF Mom of One said...

I haven't read back beyond day 62, but I got the intro. Badger, you are an inspiration to me! My kid is 8; I think it's time for her to make her own damn dinner, too.

Get this: not only is my kid a picky eater, she is a vegetarian.

Deb St-Claire said...

omg, I just figured out your photo! Tippi Hedren à la Madame Alexander. I love it!

Badger said...

That's it, Deb! I saw the actual doll in a catalog somewhere and fell in love with the image. Er, not enough to $$buy$$ the doll, though.