Sunday, July 09, 2006

Day 46*

Adult Menu
  • grilled flank steak with a garlic, olive oil and red wine marinade
  • grilled sweet corn on the cob
  • leftover pasta salad w/cherry tomatoes, fresh pearl mozzarella, fresh basil and marinated artichoke hearts
Girl Child
Ate a little bit of steak but said she didn't like it. Tried the corn and wasn't crazy about that either because it was grilled and therefore looked different than what she's used to. Had a couple of raw baby carrots also, and some shredded cheddar since she didn't eat much steak. No carbs tonight apart from the corn -- shocker!

Boy Child
Again with the amazing me, this kid. First of all he had some corn (wasn't too sure about it for reasons stated above by the girl child, but eventually devoured an entire ear and said it was the best corn ever). Then he had some of the pasta out of the pasta salad and even said he liked the dressing on it (which was just the marinade from the artichoke hearts, which were store-bought). He had some shredded mozzarella to start but after he finished it, he decided to try some steak and ate two big strips of it! He said it was really good.

It's like they've switched places, or something!

*Yesterday was a no-supper night. DH had cereal, I think, and the kids had Lunchables.

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