Saturday, August 05, 2006

Day 73 - the girl child cooks!

Family Menu
  • pigs in the blanket
  • mini crescent rolls
  • salad with chopped celery
  • peanut butter for celery dipping
  • baked potato chips with onion dip
  • multigrain tortilla chips with queso
  • ooey-gooey marshmallow brownies for dessert
A couple of weeks ago, the girl child asked me if she could cook dinner one night, all the way through to dessert. I told her to plan a menu and we'd go shopping, so she did (I had NO input) and we did and tonight was the night! She was SO thrilled, y'all. We made the brownies (from scratch!) this morning with her doing all the mixing and measuring and me acting as sous chef. She did everything for the dinner except making the queso and moving things in and out of the oven (both of which I did). For the pigs in the blanket she used Pillsbury crescent rolls cut in half long-ways and wrapped around little beef sausage links. She chopped the celery and tossed it with the salad greens, filled little ramekins with peanut butter, and insisted on serving everyone (we usually do "buffet style" around here). She did such a great job with everything and it was really good, too!

Now the boy child is trying to plan out his menu so he can cook one of these nights. Should be interesting!


Jaye Joseph said...

I call that breakfast. Burp.

Deb St-Claire said...

I love getting kids involved in the kitchen (when you have time and patience). It sounds like having a good menu plan is key. I'm going to try this. Thanks!

SF Mom of One said...

I love the double whammy of potato chips and tortilla chips.

I can´´t get my mind around this though: if the celery was chopped into the salad, how did you dip it into the ramekins of PB?

daysgoby said...

Marshmallow brownies?
Good choice, Girl Child!