Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Delicious pork!

Tonight's Menu
  • roasted pork chops with onions and potatoes
  • gigantic salad
Holy crap, I didn't realize it had been a week since I posted! Sorry about that! Um, I think we had a lot of leftovers, along with more fajitas. Last night we had cavatappi marinara. I've posted my marinara recipe before, on my other blog.

Tonight I cut up some red potatoes, wedged an onion and tossed them with olive oil, salt and pepper and some freshly snipped rosemary. I spread that out in a baking pan and then rubbed some pork chops with the same oil/salt/pepper/rosemary mixture and laid those on top. Then I roasted the whole shebang uncovered at 400 degrees F for about 45 minutes. The chops got a little dry because they were thin, but after two glasses of rosé I didn't much care.

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Kristen said...

It is the season for rose. So many people poo poo rose thinking that it is that grotesque pink zinfandel. It is not. Rose is delish.

Thanks for posting your dinner as your lack of OCD was really starting to affect my OCD need of checking this blog. Husband has been gone for a week so I've not cooked and am living vicariously through you.