Wednesday, June 20, 2007

E. coli: It's hopefully NOT what's for dinner

I've been grilling so damn much that I managed to burn through yet another propane canister, so DH replaced it today. Something went awry in the process, however. I slapped four burgers on the grill, closed the lid, set the timer for 4 minutes, and when I went to turn them they were still mostly raw. Ew! So DH had to fiddle with the whoziwhatsit and adjust the thingamabob and whatever else needed doing, and FINALLY the grill fired up in a sufficiently, er, fiery manner, and then I had to cook the bejeezus out of the burgers to make up for the time they spent lounging around in a half-cooked bacteria stew.

Sounds yummy, eh?

Anyhoo, we served them with all the fixings, including lettuce and sliced tomatoes from the garden (woo!) and pickles and whatnot, and they were delicious if a bit overdone for my taste.

Here's hoping they don't kill us all dead.


femmme said...

youre weird
this happened to me tonight. I ate the raw burger, it had cheese so it was yummy
i feel okay, i hope you do too

BreadBox said...

Ack! Thanks for the reminder: I need to get the gas tank refilled before the 4th so that this doesn't happen at my annual 1000 people bash (well, okay, it's more like 20-30, but it does feel crowded, in a fun way!)

Hope you don't get sick...

Joyful Abode said...

Here's hoping they don't kill us all dead.

I'll drink to that! Cheers.

Sarah O. said...

Badger, my dear, I found this website via Google. I seem to find you in Google searches A WHOLE FREAKING LOT.

Have you been paying Larry and Sergey again? (Too obscure?)