Saturday, June 16, 2007

We now resume regular programming

Tonight's Menu

  • garlicky grilled flank steak
  • quinoa pilaf
  • yet another green salad with lettuce from the garden
Hey! Look at me! I get all famous and then piss off for a couple of days without posting! Sorry about that. Thursday night the kids and I had leftover spaghetti (DH worked late again) and Friday was Pizza And A Movie Night here at Casa Badger.

But tonight? Yeah. MORE GRILLING.

Flank steak was the usual deal. So yummy. I actually CRAVE this steak from time to time, and I absolutely love that it can be done at the last minute with no marinating.

For the quinoa, I cooked it according to package directions (1 cup dry quinoa, 2 cups water, bring to a boil, then cover and simmer for 15 minutes before turning off the heat and letting it sit, covered, until you're ready for it). Then I sweated out some diced onions and chopped mushrooms in a skillet, along with some chopped artichoke hearts (canned, unmarinated -- you could also use frozen if you thaw them first). After the quinoa was done I dumped about half of it into the veggie mixture and seasoned with salt and pepper. The other half I served plain for the kids.

I am getting SUCH a kick out of going out to the garden to "pick a salad". The cucumbers and carrots aren't quite ready, but the lettuce has been going gangbusters, and I've been harvesting 2-3 cherry tomatoes per day. Whee!


BreadBox said...

That's better. Everyone step away from the NYTimes train wreck. Okay, you, whatsyourname? Badger? back to blogging....

Glad to have you back, Badger....

Joyful Abode said...

Sounds really good. I would love to have a veggie garden, but it doesn't really make sense in an apartment, does it?
Fresh tomatoes and cucumbers...mmmmmm.