Sunday, June 03, 2007

Flat iron steaks

Tonight's Menu

  • grilled flat iron steaks
  • homemade oven fries
  • steamed corn on the cob
This was my first experience with flat iron steaks but it won't be my last. Damn, that's some good cow, y'all! Very lean and beefy and tender. I brushed them with EVOO (because they're so lean), sprinkled them with salt and cracked pepper, and grilled them 4 minutes per side on a hot grill. Which was a bit too long and/or hot because they came out medium instead of medium rare, so next time I'll adjust that a bit. They were still extremely tender and flavorful, though, and the outside got nice and caramelized. I'd heard you had to marinate flat irons to get them tender, but that definitely wasn't the case with these babies!


Lisa said...

I figured this would be the best way to contact you... I am a New York Times reporter who follows your blog and, as it happens, I am writing a piece about families and dinner this week. Would love to talk to you about it. Where do I find you? Feel free to email me at Thanks...Lisa Belkin

BreadBox said...

Steamed corn on the cob??? When there's a grill hot and nearby? Soak the husks in water for half an hour, and throw them on the grill until the husks are charred and the kernels have just started to pick up a little caramelization. Butter, salt and pepper --- you'll never steam them again!


Badger said...

My kids love corn on the cob -- it's a special treat for them -- but they will NOT eat it grilled. Only steamed. I've only just gotten them to the point that they'll eat grilled HOT DOGS, as opposed to boiled (shudder).

I'm working on it. Baby steps!

BreadBox said...

Good luck with the baby steps --- ours are aged 4 and 2 respectively, and some days they love grilled corn on the cob --- others they won't touch it. I figure that by the time they are 10 or 15 we have some hope that they will eat lots of different foods (the sooner the better!) but it is certainly not the case right now!