Thursday, June 14, 2007

Welcome wagon

So hey, everyone! Did you know that my humble blog here was mentioned in the New York Times? I'll bet a good thousand or so of you did!
A snapshot of my stats this morning.

Incidentally, I'm pretty sure that writer Lisa Belkin's mention of "straight talk" with regard to the blog was her way of gently warning you that I cuss a lot. Which I do. So, forewarned is forearmed, etc.

I'm not a professional chef nor even a particularly well-educated foodie, as will become readily apparent if you spend more than five seconds around here. I'm just a mom who cooks dinner for her family, sometimes from scratch, and sometimes by opening a can or box (or two or three).

The blog actually started as an effort to record the results of an experiment I was conducting in our household (because if you can't experiment on your own family, why even HAVE one?). At the conclusion of this experiment it morphed into a general cooking blog when EIGHT WHOLE PEOPLE, which was a clear majority at the time, asked me to keep it going. So I did, and the result is what you see today -- a (mostly) daily record of what I cook for dinner, with the occasional recipe or rant. Make yourself at home, stay a spell, and do try my favorite summer salad recipe if you feel so inclined.

Oh, one thing you should know if you landed here via the NYT article: Austin? Where I live? Not so much in West Texas.

It's okay, though. Technically, if you're east of the Mississippi, ALL of Texas is west. And hell, all most of us down here know about New York is that y'all talk funny and are fiercely loyal to your sports teams, even when they really kind of suck. Look how much we have in common already!


Anonymous said...

Yup! I'm one of the people who learned about your blog from Lisa Belkin's column. Your experiment is great! My own mom's variation was "what I'm cooking or a peanut butter sandwich you make yourself." Guess we survived without the fruits and veggies. I'm also a pediatric nurse practitioner in a GI practice and spend A LOT of time talking to parents and kids about eating. I completely appreciated your take down of us professionals who -- wittingly or unwittingly -- make parents crazy about where their kid is on the chart and what/how they should be eating. I'm convinced that most parenting books were written with the express purpose of making parents feel like they're ruining their kids. BTW-- Tuesday I did a whole spiel for the graduate nursing students on feeding and today I sent them the link to your blog.

Anonymous said...

great blog! of COURSE you're in Austin. good grief. i live in NYC now, but when i first told native new yorkers i was from virginia, they thought i'd grown up on a tobacco farm. i am looking forward to following my second austin blog (my first is my best friend's's a relatively recent transplant to your fair city). all the recipes look delish. i think i'll try one out tonight. my husband, a TX native, is especially keen on the grilling.

virtual mom said...

Badger I have posted about how I can't stand thinking about feeding everyone in the family all the time. I don't like doing it and it takes up way too much of my brain use! Here is a link to "what's for dinner?":
congrats for the mention today. I am going to read your blog tonight.

BreadBox said...

Oh no! You're famous now? Will you still let us write comments on your blogs???



BabelBabe said...

I knew you when...

BreadBox said...

So? What was for dinner last night??? Other than stress and russian-little-water?
C'mon, you can't start letting us down just because you got famous, now...


Joyful Abode said...

Congratulations on the "getting noticed"ness!

I'll be honest and say that I do not make a habit of reading newspapers, especially for places that are far away, like New York.

So I did not find you there.
I found you because you made a huge ridiculous hat from my pattern.

And I am glad I did! I will have a lot of fun reading about what you had for dinner, and sometimes pretending that I am eating your food instead of a can of corn.

Jaye Joseph said...

I hope that this sudden fame and traffic means that the whole country is now making Thomas Keller's Roast Chicken. I'm looking forward to a nation full of desciples.