Friday, March 23, 2007

Brushes with celebrity chefs. Or their aunts, anyway.

My parents live in a small town near Austin and they eat out frequently. One local restaurant has become a favorite and they eat there for lunch or dinner at least once a week (I am not typing the name here; email me at badgermeetsworld at gmail dot com if you really want to know).

Today they took me there for lunch, which was delicious, and while we were there a very nice lady came by our table and started chatting up my parents like they were old friends. After she left, my mom said, "That's the owner. Her nephew is a chef, too. He's that guy who just left the Driskill."

I think I may have dropped my fork. "David Bull?" I squeaked. "David Bull is her nephew?!"

And indeed, he is. We chatted a bit more with the owner. She said Chef Bull might be stopping by the restaurant now and again, since his new schedule will leave him with a bit more time to spend with family.

And apparently, he is really fond of pizza.

Who knew?

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growingupartists said...

Hey Badger, cute blog!! Found you recommended on Lisa Belkin's Motherlode site. Girl's too embarassed to recommend her own blog. Can you imagine?!!

Anyway, toodles, and if you want to help me with my diabetic meal plan (I'm eventually gonna sell it to Morningstar Farms, Fiber One, and oh yeah, Kraft or Kellogg.) And Target will be in on it somehow. Call me crazy, others sometimes do (and then I whoop their asses), but I also think this Momversation thing's got potential. I don't know, but you really should check it out.