Saturday, March 10, 2007

Burgers and fruit

Tonight's Menu

  • grilled hamburgers w/fixin's
  • multigrain tortilla chips
  • fruit salad
I have dozens of recipes for fruit salad in my recipe file, most of them calling for some sort of sweet dressing. Our favorite version, born out of laziness like so many of my recipes (and this one hardly even qualifies as an actual recipe), doesn't have any dressing at all.

I just take seedless green grapes, halved fresh strawberries, and a small can of mandarin orange segments (drained) and toss them together in a bowl. That's it. The flavors/textures compliment one another very well, it'll keep for a couple of days depending on how ripe the berries are, it's plenty sweet because the canned oranges usually have some sugar added, and it's much more refreshing on a hot day than salads with goopy dressings.

Um, and also I'm lazy.

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