Thursday, January 25, 2007


Tonight's Menu
  • spaghetti marinara
  • crusty whole-grain bread
  • fresh green salad
My local grocery store has started replacing a lot of name-brand stuff with their own generic version, and this pisses me off like you would not believe. Sure, I buy the store brand occasionally and SOME of it is identical to the name brand stuff, but not all, and I hate having my choices taken away like that.

However, they also offer some of their own stuff that has no equal in name brands, as far as I know. Like they have this line of frozen "artisan" breads that is really, really good. I buy the big whole-grain one, which is very rustic and crusty and full of seeds and bits of stuff, and I LOVE it. You just thaw it for 15 minutes, then bake it for another 15 and it's delicious. Instead of spreading it with butter or margarine, we've been dipping it in EVOO with a little parmesan and freshly ground pepper.


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