Thursday, January 11, 2007

A quickie

Tonight's Menu
  • thin-cut NY strip steaks
  • gigantic salad
Tonight's dinner was a hasty affair. I had intended to make some sort of potatoey thing, but got involved in a project around 5-ish and completely lost track of time. The kids' bedtime schedule requires us to eat by 7 at the latest, which left no time for cooking root veggies, so I decided folks could have sliced bread if they absolutely needed a carb to go with their steak and salad.

The steaks were brought to room temperature, brushed with a teeny bit of EVOO, sprinkled with salt (kosher) and pepper (freshly ground), then seared off quickly on my new IKEA grill pan. Very fast, very yummy.

I really like these thin-cut steaks my supermarket has been carrying -- they have strips and ribeyes, both. I love steak but I don't always want a huge slab of it, y'know? These cook faster than a hamburger and are so much yummier!

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